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Please read our Brexit FAQs before you make an order. It details important changes to the delivery processes and costs post Brexit

Yarnundyed EUR Price Increases effective from Monday 10th October 2022

We have tried hard to keep our prices stable and Yarnundyed has not increased the prices of the majority of its products for over two years. Over this period we have faced headwinds of increased freight costs and, more lately, we have experienced significant changes to most of the fibre costs for our yarns. There have been very substantial price increases for silk, cashmere, cotton, linen and BFL over the past six to eight months which are being reflected in current yarns being spun. Whilst the cost of merino fibre has also increased, the level of increase for merino fibres has not been as great as the other fibres listed. Our suppliers have also faced increased energy and other input costs which are being reflected in higher costs to us.

We operate on quite small margins and so reluctantly have to pass these increases on through higher prices. We have limited the increases as far as has been possible but larger increases will be applied on BFL, cotton and bases with silk and cashmere. We have also had to increase the cost of minis due to higher reeling costs.

We are providing you with a little advance notice of our price change to allow you to complete orders which you may have been planning. However we do not wish this notice to be misused and so reserve the right to limit orders placed in the week before these prices take effect which are above your average monthly purchase level over the past twelve months. Orders placed and paid for before midnight (British Summer Time) on the 9th October 2022 will benefit from current prices (subject to the cap referred to above). We understand that provision of advance notice of the price increase is likely to generate a higher than usual volume of orders over the coming week and so please understand that there may be a longer than usual turnaround time for dispatch. In particular, we will spread the despatch of MERNY orders over several weeks to smooth the despatch volumes.

We appreciate your support over what has been a very challenging few years for all of us. We have battled to keep products in stock during supply constraints at our spinners as they have struggled through Covid driven staff absences. We have just returned from a visit to our main Italian spinner and it looks as if they are now back on track with many of the products for our next six to nine months' supply either in production or planned. Whilst, from time to time, there will inevitably be outages due to demand running down stock ahead of re-supply, we have re-established healthy inventory levels for many of our bases and will be taking deliveries of several others in the next few weeks, including our biggest ever spin of MERNY4H.

With many thanks, the Yarnundyed Team

Brexit - We are shipping to the EU and you can continue to order via our website, as usual

There have been some important changes to the delivery process as a result of Brexit.

Your purchase now becomes an import to the EU, so ZERO VAT is charged at the time of purchase. Instead, you will be charged Import VAT when the order enters the EU or after delivery. You will also be charged a customs clearance fee of about 18 euros and, if your order is above 150 euros there will also be 4% duty to pay.


The courier will send you an invoice for these fees. Once you have paid, if you send a copy of the invoice to us, we will send the refund to you.

Duty and clearance fees are new charges which have arisen due to Brexit. Even though most of our yarn is of EU origin, the EU is currently charging 4% duty on its re-import to the EU. We will refund this duty to you in full. We also recognise that it is difficult for you to order yarn from us without knowing what the customs charges will be and so we will also refund you any customs clearance charges incurred

We are working with our courier to collect these fees at the point of sale so that you only make a single payment at the time of order. We aim to offer this option in the next few weeks, but for now we are not able to do this.

We anticipate that there will be some shipping delays in January and early February as both the UK and EU get used to the new customs procedures at their borders. Please allow extra time for delivery during this period

For more information, please read our Brexit FAQs

Our Mission

Our Mission

To supply the very best quality natural animal fibre yarns, sourced from reliable material suppliers with best practise in relation to animal husbandry and the environment, and at very competitive prices.

Our Customers
Hand dyers, resellers and discerning knitters looking for the highest quality natural fibre yarns.

There is a15% discount on retail orders over Euro 100, 20% discount over Euro 200 and 28% discount over Euro 400. Wholesale prices are available to customers buying 5kg or more (you can mix the types). Please register for a trade account to benefit from these wholesale prices.

Low Price Delivery Costs
We usually despatch orders on the day received using a fully tracked courier service. No minimum order.

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Free Samples
We know it can be difficult to choose yarns if you can't see and feel them in person so we offer free samples on request. Just send us your name and address, the yarns you are interested in, and we will send you samples of these (a few metres/yards of each) free of charge.

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