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Lace Weight 72% Superkid Mohair 28% Mulberry Silk 5 x 50gm Pack

Lace Weight 72% Superkid Mohair 28% Mulberry Silk 5 x 50gm Pack

Ref: MOHSIL0925

Composition: 72% brushed Superkid Mohair 28% Mulberry Silk Yarn
Metric Count: 1/8.4 Nm
Yarn Weight: Lace Weight , single ply construction
Meterage: Approx 420m (459 yards) per 50gm hank
Origin: South Africa

We have a new, finer version of our popular lace weight brushed mohair/silk yarn. This replaces the previous version that contained kid mohair. We have used the softer and rarer Superkid mohair to produce our softest, most luxurious mohair/silk yarn ever. Two strands of mulberry silk hold the mohair fibres in place to add radiance and strength. Gentle enough for next to skin wear.
The softness of mohair is the main determining factor of its quality. Superkid mohair is from the first shearing and these are the softest and finest fibres the mohair goats will ever produce. The second shearing is usually called kid mohair and is still of fine quality, but is not as soft as superkid mohair.
This is a super light and airy yarn and can be worked at many different gauges. It produces gossamer-like items when large needles or hooks are used and soft, fluffy items at tighter gauges. It can also be carried with another yarn to add a delicate haze and to produce a surprisingly warm fabric.
Superkid mohair has a natural pearly lustre and dyes beautifully. It is a protein fibre so can be dyed in similar ways to wool. When dyeing this brushed yarn, do not boil and minimise movement to reduce matting. When dry, fluff up the hank to restore fuzziness, if required.
With a generous 420m on each 50 gram hank, a little goes a long way.

5 x 50gm hanks = 250gms total

Suggested Needle/Hook Sizes and Gauge:
Recommended Needle Size: 3 - 4mm (US 2.5-6) needles and C -G hook
Gauge (stocking stitch): 32sts x 40 rows over 10cm (4 inches) on 3.25mm (US 3) needles

Care Instructions:
Hand wash using a wool detergent, ideally below 30°C, avoid wringing and twisting. Dry flat out of direct sunlight, do not spin or tumble dry.

Price: 51.19

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